Supply Chain Optimisation

Drive asset-based performance improvements.

Asset productivity plays a vital role in sustaining profitability, reputation, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

Asset performance management programs strive to improve asset efficacy and reliability, facilitating predictable production at the lowest risk and cost.

Leveraging three decades of experience gained by IHS helping the world's largest, most-complex and asset-intensive organisations align their operations to business strategy we can help your organisation to achieve your MRO supply chain goals through standardisation, governance, and optimisation of your master parts catalogue to:

  • Enhance maintenance efficiency and reduce costs
  • Increase asset reliability and product quality
  • Drive sustainable growth and maximise capital effectiveness
  • Lower procurement costs for Maintenance, Repair & Operations
  • Drive OE programs and foster continuous improvement

As companies become more sophisticated and seek to streamline their operations and maximise their return on investments made in enterprise resource planning (ERP) or enterprise asset management (EAM) system, there has been a renewed interest in improving the quality of their maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) data and the overall performance of the MRO supply chain.

The lack of effective, commercially available solutions and poor management of MRO parts pose a significant challenge for asset-intensive organisations who may have multiple plants housing data on hundreds of thousands of MRO parts that often times are: unidentifiable, duplicated and have non-compatible item descriptions.

As a pioneer in MRO information management, we offer proven methodologies, software, content and expertise for achieving MRO Supply Chain Excellence. We will help you transform your infrastructure and accelerate your asset performance results.