IHS Goldfire

IHS Goldfire connects technical professionals with the answers they need to make informed decisions. It helps them make better decisions by allowing them to rapidly access relevant information, while also decreasing the time to find information and make decisions, improving time to market or time to resolve a problem.

The IHS Goldfire decision engine offers more than just semantic search. IHS Goldfire is tuned to the needs of product developers, R&D, engineers, and others by providing unique “concept lenses” that organize results to provide powerful insights.

IHS Goldfire enables engineers, researchers and other technical professionals to:

  • Leverage proven solutions, best practices and lessons learned so they can reuse knowledge and stop 'reinventing the wheel'.
  • Identify new markets and envision next-generation solutions.
  • Gain insight into the competitive landscapes, trends and analytics.
  • Accelerate problem solving, idea generation and new product development.
  • Improve operational efficiencies, product and process quality.




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