Press Release - Centennial Coal Expands Partnership & Risk Management Capabilities with IHS

Toronto - July 21, 2010 - Centennial Coal Company Limited (ASX: CEY), the largest independent coal producer in Australia has expanded its relationship with IHS in order to gain further insight and visibility into its enterprise-wide risk using the Stature software platform. IHS, the leader in Operational and Quality Risk Management solutions is helping Centennial Coal upgrade its existing risk management capabilities by implementing enterprise risk management solution Stature, which will provide Centennial Coal with an integrated view of risk across all of its operating sites.

The Stature platform is available in Australia and New Zealand via EnVizTec’s partner agreement with IHS Inc., the market leader in Operational Risk Management.

Operating a network of mines requires diligent oversight and constant transition of priorities to ensure that the most critical risks are being addressed. Consolidating disparate risk management processes into one software system allows information to be linked from one process to the next; for example, a recommendation made during an incident investigation can automatically trigger a risk assessment, ensuring that risks are managed throughout their entire lifecycle and that actions are not lost between systems. Using Stature, Centennial Coal has immediate access to aggregated data within reports and dashboards and can make more informed decisions faster.

"Stature gives us an integrated view of risk across all 11 of our mine sites and allows us to look at aggregate data for top risks, performance metrics, controls and mitigation efforts. It provides both operational clarity and a more strategic view of risk for senior management and board-level reporting. Stature maintains all the flexibility we previously had with IHS desktop software, but provides a more robust, integrated and enterprise-wide view, allowing us greater visibility and greater control of our hazards and risks", said John Hempenstall, Chief Risk Officer for Centennial Coal.

Centennial Coal has deployed Stature and its associated modules for Risk Assessment, Global Risk Register and Incident Management across all of its mine sites in New South Wales, Australia. Consolidating these components of the risk process ensures that Centennial�s executive management, along with local site managers have better insight and control over risks and hazards that could impact the business. Stature allows Centennial Coal risk managers to prioritize risk management needs, control hazards and make more informed business decisions.

About Centennial Coal

Centennial is the largest independent coal company in Australia in terms of production and has ten coal mines in NSW, making it one of the largest underground coal producers in NSW. Established in 1989 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1994 (ASX: CEY), Centennial Coal is a coal mining and marketing company supplying thermal coal to the domestic and export markets. The Company is a major fuel supplier to the New South Wales energy industry, fuelling approximately 46% of the State's coal fired electricity.

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