Sphera Environmental Performance Solution

The Sphera Environmental Performance Solution™ enables organizations to transform environmental management into a competitive edge. We help you comply with regulations, standards and voluntary initiatives while minimizing the impact of compliance processes on facilities, personnel and production. Sphera streamlines environmental workflows and offers visibility across your operations so you can reach your sustainability and Operational Excellence goals.

The Sphera Environmental Performance Solution gives you the ability to manage all of these critical issues:

  • Air Emissions: Delivers extensive and functionally rich capabilities to track, analyze and report any pollutant air emission. This enables the monitoring, optimization, and reporting of GHG and carbon footprint from the asset level up through the enterprise. Sphera also helps organizations manage fugitive emissions and refrigerant compliance requirements.
  • Hazardous Waste Management: Automates and streamlines the tracking of waste from generation to final disposal. This enables you to efficiently meet increased regulatory demands and transparently report your waste management operations.
  • Water Usage and Discharge: Supports improved resource utilization and compliance requirements by gathering, storing, and organizing the data necessary in water management programs. This enables you to benchmark results to drive continuous improvement and report against compliance obligations.
  • Chemical Inventory: Simplifies data collection and aggregation of chemical inventory to enable efficient accounting for hazardous materials in accordance with regulations and supports critical chemical inventory reporting requirements.
  • Auditing: Manages internal and external audits to minimize disruptions on operations. This provides a central system of record for all environmental management requirements in support of compliance obligations, corporate policies, and certifications.
  • Environmental Permits Management & Regulatory Applicability: Streamlines content and delivers a flexible framework to efficiently process permit applications as well as effectively monitor and manage compliance for regulatory requirements and environmental permits in any jurisdiction.
  • Performance Metrics & Reporting: Provides an asset based- platform to analyze, benchmark and roll up environmental performance indicators and key operational metrics. This enables effective monitoring, managing and reporting of asset, site level, or enterprise data to support Operational Excellence goals.
  • Compliance & Task Management: Ensures end-to-end environmental compliance and maintains your license to operate by automating tasks, procedures and documentation across facilities, teams and operations. It provides a platform to understand and effectively manage compliance costs as well as reduce risks.
  • Process Data Management: Facilitates the acquisition and validation of asset-level data from process automation systems and meters. This drives efficiencies and provides a key mechanism to manage and consolidate asset data to support optimization goals and EHS compliance objectives.
  • Regulatory Content: Provides access to published and monitored online regulatory text for the US, Canada and Mexico and integrates workflows to facilitate the assignment and tracking of tasks at the operational level in order to drive end-to-end compliance.




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