IHS Health & Safety Solution

The IHS Health & Safety Solution™ automates and accelerates the management of worker safety information from start to finish across your enterprise. With a flexible and scalable combination of IHS software, content and expertise, you can accurately assess workplace safety issues and provide informed recommendations that continuously drive both risk reduction and operational efficiency.

IHS Solutions can help you record the results of your industrial hygiene surveys, sampling processes and resulting information to be certain your employees are not impacted by potential dangers. The IHS Health & Safety Solution empowers you to take control and to promote a culture of safety.

The IHS Health & Safety Solution addresses a variety of critical challenges including:

  • Incident Management: Prevents incidents by tracking, recording and evaluating employee injuries, illnesses and near misses.
  • Auditing: Maintains a verifiable trail and detailed history reports that identify workplace hazards by recording audits, citations and corrective actions.
  • Task Management: Shows what needs to be done, makes assignments and tracks tasks to completion to avoid failures and retain feedback for next steps.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management: Organize and unify Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other hazard communication into a single repository available 24/7.
  • Chemical Management: Tracks chemicals throughout the product lifecycle in order to identify opportunities to reduce costs and optimize processes, while remaining in compliance with various regulations.




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