Stature Risk Management™

Stature Risk Management™ provides improved risk visibility and a central knowledge base for risk management where lessons learned and best practices are captured and stored in a single database and can be found and applied by other facilities with similar issues. Companies often find themselves focusing on conformance to industry regulations and standards, rather than the performance of their risk management processes. This compromises the most common goals of risk management: environmental protection, health and safety, loss prevention, product recalls, customer satisfaction, business continuity, and effective selection of projects and investments.

Stature Risk Management enables dramatic improvements in risk mitigation and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) initiatives, as well as early planning and specification of quality (before design), through company-wide visibility of risks and quality processes, identified by a continuous improvement approach. This unifies different risk and quality management activities and the related lessons learned in order to provide transparency and continuous communication throughout the risk management process, ensuring better compliance with governing regulations and risk legislation, and enabling companies to deliver high quality, reliable products faster and at less cost than the competition.

The Stature® platform is available in Asia Pacific via EnVizTec’s partner agreement with Sphera, the market leader in Operational Risk Management.





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